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The Best Summer Statement Earrings

Updated: May 1, 2019

I remember the days of my youth, particularly in the 80s when earrings were larger than life, neon and heavy. They had to be big because the hair was even bigger! But as a result of wearing all these earrings, my piercings stretched and I can no longer handle wearing anything heavy dangling from my ears. So when all the fabulous, somewhat larger statement earrings started making a comeback I was hesitant to jump in on the trend. But the ones I have found here are all made from lighter weight materials, and are much friendlier for women over 50. Neon is back this year, so I have included a few brighter versions as well. Many of these come in several colors that you'll see after clicking through the links.

Usually when wearing a statement earring, a necklace isn't necessary. Just as when wearing a big statement necklace, earrings should be daintier in nature. I love having fun with accessories, and even including a pair of these fun earrings with no other jewelry when dressed down in jeans. So here's to making your statement this summer!

Whatever statement you make,wear it with confidence! Thanks for stopping by!!



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