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Denise Rizzitello

Certified Life, Relationship,Dating &Mindset Coach

Navigating the dating world, relationships, and life can be difficult at any age, but midlife can  add new challenges. Having the proper mindset can make all the difference, whether you're in an existing relationship or looking to find new love.  I can be your mindset mentor and help you create the best version of you, by providing you with the tools and keys to unlock a more fulfilling life.


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How I can help YOU:

Humans are social animals and finding a compatible significant other to have a close, healthy relationship is a primal desire. But often dating and relationships in midlife create new anxieties. I can help you release the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back in many areas of your life, and by investing in yourself, you will not only be more attractive to potential partners but you will realize your true inner strength and worthiness! When you team up with me I will provide you with the tools to help increase your self awareness, self esteem, and we'll work on your core system of beliefs and patterns that have been hindering you from finding long term healthy relationships. I can coach you to develop your emotional intelligence and we can even use the principles of the Law of Attraction to help you manifest the relationship of your dreams. It's my goal to help you reach your goals and live your best life! 

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